Convenience Matters
October 2, 2017

#89 Keep on Trucking

Glen Kedzie // Vice President, Energy & Environmental Counsel // American Trucking Associations
Mike Tunnel // Director of Environmental Affairs // American Trucking Associations


John Eichberger and Donovan Woods in studio


There are roughly 34 million trucks registered for commercial use in the United States …

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Convenience Matters
September 18, 2017

#87 Is It the End for Gas Stations?

John Eichberger// Executive Director// Fuels Institute

Internationally, governments have pledged to end liquid fuels dominance by going all-in on electric vehicles (EVs). Will we see the U.S. go this route? We discuss a recent Fuels Institute study that might tell …

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Convenience Matters
September 4, 2017

#85 Transforming Mobility

E.J. Klock-McCook // Manager // Rocky Mountain Institute

Today’s mobility system is centered around privately-owned, individually-driven, gas-powered personal vehicles that sit unused 95% of the day accounting for 15% of U.S. emissions that increase pollution, traffic congestion and infrastructure pressure. …

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