Donovan Woods



Convenience Matters Host

Born to human parents a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Donovan Woods has always had a job of some sort. It was this love of hard work that landed him at NACS in 2010. It was also this work ethic that pushed him beyond his boundaries into the world of fuels and vehicles in 2014 with the Fuels Institute. Now his two loves (a steady job + podcast recordings) have combined to allow him to be a part of the industry’s greatest podcast team since 2016. He is a Virginia native with a love of music, animals, personal time, family, Spider-Man, Batman, Star Wars, John Mayer, New Edition, Coldplay and Tom Cruise. Most importantly, Tom Cruise. Seriously, has there been a better actor? While he didn’t attend Duke University, the 1991 championship team made a big impression on a 14-year-old obsessed with basketball. Why does he love Duke basketball so much? Because all they do is win win win!



Fun Facts About Donovan

Most Proud Of:
Sony, for giving the movie rights to Spider-Man back to Marvel
Can't Resist:
The Most Unusual Thing In Your Office:
A clean desk
What Most People Don't Know About Me:
Fluent in American Sign Language
Favorite Convenience Store Item:
Dorito’s + Snickers bar (literally eating them at the same time; it’s a magical combination)


"Attitude reflects leadership, captain." --Remember the Titans