Jeff Lenard


Meet Jeff Lenard

Convenience Matters Host


Jeff’s job is talking and telling the industry’s story, but his official fancy title is NACS Vice President of Strategic Industry Initiatives. What that means is that he helps find ways to partner credible nutrition and community-focused groups to decrease misperceptions and underscore the industry’s positive business practices to the public, media and policymakers.

 And, of course, talk about fuels. Don’t get him started with mind-numbing details and trivia related to the history of fueling (Col. Sanders once owned gas stations!) or stats and other details about America’s fueling stations, convenience stores.

Along the way, Jeff has conducted nearly 6,000 media interviews and has been part of hundreds of videos, on both sides of the camera. Not bad for someone with an engineering degree (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and also a graduate degree (Syracuse University).

Fun Facts About Jeff

Most Proud Of:
I hope it’s still to be done.
Can't Resist:
A healthy debate.
The Most Unusual Thing In Your Office:
An uncluttered spot.
What Most People Don't Know About Me:
Of the 24,000-plus songs on my iPod (yes, I know it’s 2017), four different ones have the title “Convenience Store.”
Favorite Convenience Store Item:
A winning lottery ticket


"And another thing..."