John Eichberger


Meet John Eichberger

Convenience Matters Host

With nearly 20 years of experience in the fuels sector, 17 of which was spent working in the political world as a congressional staffer or lobbyist, John has a breadth of knowledge and perspective that he leverages to make anything he says sound convincing. Incorporating a sometimes overabundance of sarcasm with his passion for the transportation industry, he has been known to make the most boring subjects seem somewhat tolerable. John’s education as a history major in no way prepared him to understand the intricacies of fuels and vehicles operations nor the delicate balance between environmental protection and economic performance. John spent 15 years representing the convenience and fuel retailing industry before Congress, the administration and media before becoming the Executive Director of the Fuels Institute, considered by many to be the most diverse organization focused analyzing factors influencing the vehicle and transportation energy sector. His true passion is helping people understand various perspectives and showcasing facts and figures to debunk mythology and hype.



Fun Facts About John

Most Proud Of:
My 3 year old daughter’s passion for driving – I am starting her early so she doesn’t fall into this no driver license/autonomous vehicle trap of the younger generations.
Can't Resist:
Being a sarcastic curmudgeon
The Most Unusual Thing In Your Office:
Incredible Hulk Hands and a talking Anger doll from the movie Inside Out (Can you sense a theme?)
What Most People Don't Know About Me:
Used to compete in the World’s Strongest Man Competition, but retired to give Magnus a fighting chance.
Favorite Convenience Store Item:
64 oz (or bigger) Diet Coke


"Some of this is true; some of this is better"