Unlock the power of podcast advertising with NACS Convenience Matters. Imagine stepping onto the center stage of a captivating gathering, where your message resonates with engaged buyers seeking valuable insights. That’s the essence of advertising on Convenience Matters—a chance to connect with an audience that listens with intent.

Why Podcasts Matter: Podcasts transcend traditional advertising by offering a unique avenue to captivate your audience. As listeners drive, jog, walk their dogs or exercise, they’re tuned into NACS Convenience Matters podcasts. This undivided attention presents an exceptional opportunity to tell your story.

A New Dimension: Podcasts stand apart from conventional print or online ads. They cultivate awareness rather than immediate action. In a landscape where buyers meticulously evaluate options, podcasts play a pivotal role in building brand recognition.

Cut through the Clutter: Unlike the noise often associated with traditional media, podcasts cut through by appealing to an audience eager to think and be challenged. Our listeners seek thought-provoking content, providing a prime platform for your message.

A Developed Audience: The NACS Convenience Matters podcast is the industry’s oldest and most downloaded podcast, which has been downloaded more than 500,000 times since the first episode debuted in 2016. Convenience Matters’ audience is still growing at a time when most other podcasts are losing listeners—and ranks among the top 5% of all podcasts globally, in terms of monthly downloads (Source: Listen Notes).

The Convenience Matters podcast averages over 10,000 downloads per month. (Source: Libsyn, tracking from Jan. 2022 through Aug. 2023).

Your Path Forward:

NACS offers three compelling ways for you to engage with our dedicated audience:

1. “Brought to You By” Messages: Tell listeners up from why your brand matters as they listen to Convenience Matters. Your 30-second message is embedded in every episode downloaded for a month, whether it’s one of the new episodes that airs that month or one of the 400-plus episodes that NACS has in its library. NACS Marketing experts will work with you to craft that perfect message that resonates, and we can even record your ad for you at no cost.

  • Two slots available per month: one within the first 2 minutes and one at the halfway point
  • First purchaser chooses their preferred slot
  • Investment: $2,500
  • Deadline: Commit by the first day of the prior month (e.g., January 1 for a February purchase)

2. Branded Content Episode: NACS offers limited opportunities for companies to tell their story to listeners for an entire episode. The sponsored episodes are similar to other branded content, in which NACS works with the sponsor to define the challenge or problem facing retailers and then examines how the problem can be solved. These episodes are exclusive—they do not include in-program advertisements by other companies and are extremely limited.

  • Limited availability ensures exclusivity
  • Investment: $6,500

Engage with Excellence: Turn the spotlight on your brand through podcast advertising with NACS. Witness the impact of engaging with a community of eager listeners, and see your story resonate like never before.

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